Uni Woo Wish & Bridal Lists

Not sure how it works? Just try a demo!

‘Wish list’ it is pretty popular feature, at the same time ‘Bridal list’ it is completely something new, right?) Actually, it is like a Wedding Registry on Amazon.com, but musch simplier (at the moment ;) ) and for WooCommerce. This plugin creates bridal (wedding) lists for all customers on your website. This is an example of such list. If a product is added to the cart from this page – it will be marked as an item for this user/from his wedding list.

The product will be marked as bought if a client buys it. In this case the product won’t be available for purchase from this list anymore. It means, that one product can be bought only once for the bridal list owner. “Add to cart” button will be replaced with “Already bought” label.


  • Several predefined styles of links
  • Possibility to select any icons from the fontawesome icons set
  • Works with simple and variative products
  • Instant edit of a bridal list’s heading