Ultimate Flyout Responsive Menu WordPress

urn any of your existing menu into amazing fly-out responsive menu with a click or create new flyout menu. Simpy works on any WordPress version and themes.


Now your WordPress menu will look as good as any mobile apps. You can change your dull WordPress menu into an amazing fly-out menu as good as any mobile apps.

Major features :

  • Just 1 click installation, works with all your existing system.
  • CSS3 for and best beautiful and sleek design.
  • First time ever vertical/horizontal options of submenu.
  • Search box within menu available.
  • Touch enabled, show and hide menu with swipe.
  • Fully adaptable right/left/top/bottom menu position.
  • Unlimited Styles , just choose a color and you are done
  • Unlimited Tree Depth or submenus.
  • Tested on android and ios devices.
  • Tested up WordPress 3.8
  • Works with Woocommerce / Buddypress and other plugins