Twitch Wall Pro Branded

Twitch Wall Pro Branded is our first ultra-premium Twitch Wall plugin, which comes with a vast amount of customisation options to ensure that no two Twitch Walls look the same. Twitch Wall Pro Branded allows users to easily embed a Twitch Wall on their WordPress website:

Show twitch streamers based on game, team or usernames.
Show twitch streamers even if they’re offline.
Embed multiple Twitch Walls on one page.

On top of that, Twitch Wall Pro Branded offers next-level customisations:

Unlimited colour schemes with built-in colour pickers.
Add a custom branded offline screen.
Add a custom branded logo overlay.
Try the new compact layout for a more streamlined Twitch Wall.
Customise the width, the number of columns and the spacing.

You can embed multiple instances of Twitch Wall Pro Branded on your site with advanced shortcode support.

Our custom admin screen allows you to get set up in minutes and see a real-time preview of your WordPress Twitch Wall before you place it on your page with one of our shortcodes.