Timetics Pro – WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin for Scheduling and Seat Plan

Timetics is an advanced WordPress booking plugin that can help you to automate your scheduling and appointment booking problems with just the click of some buttons. If your business relies solely on scheduled appointments, then this WordPress appointment booking plugin can be the best solution for you.

You can create your preferred type of meeting (One-to-One or One-to-Many), manage your or the assigned staff member’s availability for the meeting, create a visually stunning seating plan from the backend and let the customers reserve their seats from the frontend, and sell the tickets through the Stripe Payment Gateway.

Be it a coaching or training center, health clinic, gym, tutoring center, music training center, yoga training, hair salon, parlor, or spa, no matter what business you run, if the business requires appointment booking, then Timetics is your answer to all of them.

Check the Timetics RoadMaps Here!

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CURRENT PRO VERSION 1.0.0 (See Change log at the bottom of this page)

Timetics Features

Plugin Overview:

  • Unlimited Bookings – No need to spend an extra dime for extra Bookings
  • Unlimited Meetings – No need to spend an extra dime for extra Meetings
  • Unlimited Staff Members – No need to spend an extra dime for extra Staff Members
  • Visual Seating Plan – Create seating plans for your venue any way you like in an interactive blank canvas. People can book seats from the frontend with the seating plan you’ve created.
  • Email Notification – Get Email notifications before the meeting, after the meeting has been scheduled, and after the cancellation of a meeting
  • Multiple Meeting Types – You can create three types of meetings → One-to-One, One-to-Many, and One-to-Many with Seat plan. But more are coming.
  • Staff Member Management – Staff Members will have their individual profiles, unique password, and the option to manage their availability.
  • Manual Booking from Admin – Not just from the frontend but the admin can also book appointments for the clients manually.
  • Stripe Payment Gateway – Receive payments through the Stripe Payment Gateway easily.
  • Google Meet Integration – Run virtual meetings through Timetics with the Google Meet Integration.
  • Google Calendar Integration – You won’t ever forget your meetings because now with the Google Calendar Integration, all your meetings created from Timetics will be shown in your phone calendar.
  • Eventin Integration – If you are an Eventin user, you can now use the visual seating plan feature of Timetics and create a seating plan for your events. Your event attendees will be able to book their seats from the frontend as well.
  • Shortcodes – Use shortcodes to display meeting lists on different pages of your website. Set up the meeting, copy the shortcode, and paste it on the page.

Change Log

Version: 1.0.0

    Intial Release