user role WordPress Plugins

Ultimate User Export & Filter for WordPress

  Ultimate User Export & Filter The Ultimate User Export & Filter plugin that exports user meta for WordPress. This impactful solution has an option to export the user meta option, user by role, and based on user selection in CSV format without any coding skills. This WordPress plugin developed to export user data stored

Wholesale for WooCommerce

 Wholesale for WooCommerce An extension for WooCommerce, this plugin with many features. You can add unlimited user role. You can add price by user role, price by quantity customer buy with user role, show text discount by user role. You can hide price by user role, disable payment gate way, shipping method by user role.

WooCommerce Product Only for Users

 WooCommerce Product Only for Users Some store owner want to sell there product only for their site register users or group of users( defined by user roles ). Also some owner have intention to show there product price, description only there register users. WooCommerce Product Only for Users plugin lets give you a really easy

Fusion Builder Show/Hide Container

 Show or hide Fusion Builder Container depending on: – Login/logout status – User role – User – Day of week – WPML language Information To use this plugin, you will need Fusion Builder installed and activated. There is no use in installing only this plugin as it ads features to Fusion Builder. Fusion Builder is

Blocks by User Role for WordPress

 Blocks by User Role for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to show or hide content inside Gutenberg blocks. It is done based on the user role of the visitor, and a wide range of other filters. Some of the filters can be used in combination to create dynamic conditional behavior, and others are

Block Permissions for Gutenberg

  Block Permissions for Gutenberg Define your rule and take control of your content with Gutenberg Show Gutenberg blocks only to the target visitors or members you want. The hidden content will be removed from HTML output. Add multiple blocks inside Block Permissions. Optimized for WordPress 5.0. No Javascript, no CSS at the output. How

Wp Post Filter By User

 Wp Post Filter By User is offering features like to filter your post data based on user also Wp Post Filter By User is offering features like to filter your page data based on all available user.Wp Post Filter By User is offering features like to filter your post and page data based on all

Woo365 : All in One WooCommerce Plugin

  Button & Price Labels Add to Cart Labels – Change text for Add to Cart button by WooCommerce product type, by product category or for individual products. Call for Price – Create any custom price label for all WooCommerce products with empty price. Custom Price Labels – Create any custom price label for any

WooCommerce Role based Payments and Shipping Methods

    WooCommerce Role Based Payment Gateways/ Shipping Methods gives site administrators the ability to individually limit available Shipping Methods and Payment Gateways for each user role including guests configured in WordPress. It also contain Multiple User Roles Support based on Role Priority – Check out our Demo for additional information about working behaviour of