testing WordPress Plugins

Flytrap – WordPress Automated Test Builder

  Do your website features work after any updates? With Flytrap, you can easily create automatic tests for your site with one click and save your time and money. Flytrap version 2.0 is live and includes a variety of features such as cloud of scripts, auto test builders, record features workflow and playback, target suggestions,

Price Tester for WooCommerce

 Are items you are selling overpriced or underpriced? Which price level maximizes the revenue? How to find out? Price Tester plugin enables store owners to test different price levels for each product they sell on their WooCommerce store. When the price for a product has been changed, Price Tester plugin automatically starts to collect data

VC Button Splitter: Add Split Testing to Visual Composer

 Over 50% off for a limited time Effortlessly Split Test Buttons within Visual Composer We’ve made advanced Multivariate Split Tests natural to Visual Composer. Take your website to the next level through cutting-edge experience testing to see what works best for your visitors. Create Multiple Button Variations & View Test Results Before VC Button Splitter

A/B Tester

 A/B Tester is a WordPress plugin that performs simple univariate A/B tests to compare the conversion rates of two different variants of some content, like text, a button or an image. Suppose you have button containing a Call To Action (like “Send a message”), and you would like to know if “Send me a message”

Woocommerce AB Split Testing

 What is AB split testing? A/B testing is a simple way to test changes to your page against the current version and determine which ones produce better results. It is a method to validate that any new change to an product on your webpage is improving your conversion rate before you make that change permanently.