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WPQA Search APIs – Addon For The WordPress Themes

 Addon for Discy and Ask Me themes to can search on your app with questions, posts, answers, comments, users, categories, or tags .. for Android and IOS. Required to buy one of my themes Discy and Ask Me themes and WPQA APIs. Discy Application Test Discy application demo on this site demo Ask Me Application

Google Related Keywords Generator – SEO Keyword Planner & Tool

  What Does it Do? This plugin creates the most searched keywords on Google. Get keyword ideas with the Google Related Keywords Generator and reach the right customers with the right keywords. Works with the Google Suggest Relevance API and 100% real result guarantee. What Are SEO Keywords? Your SEO keywords are the key words

AutocompleteHelper WordPress Plugin

  AutocompleteHelper WordPress plugin. Demo URL: https://pssthemes.com/wpn/wp-admin/ Username: demo Password: demo Login to our demo dashboard, go to publish a new post and first select a featured image. After loading the image, check post title and tags, and you will see the magic happening. Works with any theme and plugin, is a helper for you

Directory ultimate PRO WordPress – Table, Grid, List Directory Submit and Listings

  Ultimate directory PRO lets you build any kind of directory site. It can be integrated into any theme and it can be customized to your needs. Make sure to check the preview. Custom search A big part of Directory sites is searching. Directory Ultimate lets you choose which fields to use for searching. It


 Please don’t purchase this item until will be available the demo. The demo will be available in max 24 hours and you will be able to test any feed there. The plugin will allow you to parse content from almost any website. What is Glafor? Glafor is an original plugin for WordPress which provides a

UserPro Addons Bundle

 Userpro presents you the all new addon bundle . Now you can integrate private messaging , bookmarks, dashboard and more with UserPro enabled sites. Addon bundle is the one man army that you need to succeed . Note: This plugin requires UserPro plugin to be installed and activated

Hreflang Flags

 This plugin automatically generates flags, with the appropriate links to the alternative versions (in terms of language or geo-target) of your pages, based on your implementation of hreflang. Please note that Hreflang Flags requires a WordPress website with a valid implementation of hreflang as HTML link elements in the header. If you have not already

Ultimate WordPress Speed Optimizer

 Ultimate WordPress Speed Optimization Plugin Before reading any details first check out this test image. Important details regarding Test Website No cache plugin is installed. No CDN is used Images are not optimized Website speed before installing this plugin. Website speed after installing the plugin. Only takes 2 minutes to install and configure. Also, see

Tags add-on for UserPro

 Note: This is an addon. You must have at least UserPro V2.63 or higher to use it. Tagging is a way by which you can group or classify the users in your member directory. Users can thus identify similar people under the same tag. For instance, all marketers can be grouped under the ‘Marketing’ tag.