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Carter – Advanced WooCommerce Cart for Elementor

 The Carter plugin supplies a WooCommerce widget for Elementor to add a customized shopping cart. Make sure your visitor doesn’t lose their cart and can complete the order here and now, thereby increasing your store conversion. Use the widget anywhere on your site, manage the display of elements and their styles according to your wishes.

WooCommerce Subscriptions Custom Start Date

  WooCommerce Subscriptions Custom Start Date allows you and your customers to start the subscriptions at a later date either chosen by you or by your customers. Choose a start date or allow your customers to choose their own with the WooCommerce Subscriptions Custom Start Date plugin. For now, it works with simple and variable

Criptopayer – Crypto Payment Button for Elementor

 The Criptopayer is a simple and lightweight cryptocurrency donate WordPress plugin for Elementor. It is based on a secure and reliable NOWPayments API that allows accepting payments and donations easily and fast. Nowadays, cryptocurrency has become popular and such a tool can be useful for various purposes. Whether you want to accept payments in crypto

WooCommerce Upsells and Related Products – Upseller

 The Upseller WordPress plugin includes two widgets for the Elementor builder to add Upsells and Related products. It allows displaying the product blocks in the necessary place on any site page with the ability to customize element styles to suit your design and preferences. The widgets offer to specify the number of columns in the

WooCommerce Request Quote & Bargaining

  If you are looking for a quote plugin, that is very much tied to your WooCommmerce checkout process? Then you have come to the right place! Instead of sending plain Emails, our Request a Quote & Bargaining plugin creates the enquiries directly in your Woo system. And it not only saves and shows all

Add to Cart Button for WooCommerce – Ader

 The Ader is a perfect WordPress plugin for Elementor to get a fully customize Add To Cart WooCommerce button. The plugin comes with 2 widgets that allow you to add a purchase button for a specific product anywhere on the site and on the other hand, add the button directly to simple and variable product

xPin – Image Markers

  What is xPin – Image Marker? xPin is a WordPress Plugin for marking important things on images. You can use this plugin to focus customers’ attention on what really matters. We call marker points as Pins. You can add as many pins as you want with just a click or touch. Move pins very

WooCommerce Search & Filter plugin for WordPress

 WooCommerce Search & Filter plugin – powerful, flexible and easy to build your custom search forms for WooCommerce. The plugin provides additional functionality to WooCommerce plugin to allow your site visitors make searching of products by categories, products attributes, tags and price. Look at our demo

External Variations WooCommerce Plugin

 External Variations is a WooCommerce plugin which lets you use variable product features for your external/affiliate products. Which means, you can add a variable product to your WooCommerce shop and then set a different URL for each variation. Very easy to use. Works with any WooCommerce theme. Demo: Need Help? We prepared a detailed

WooCommerce Products Layouts for Elementor

 Customize WooCommerce list products with Elementor If you have the problem concerning display products of WooCommerce. This plugin will help you can control product display in everywhere and every form as your desire. Also, If you use one theme and there are many website use same your theme.You want to be different ? Why not