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Ultimate Row Gradient Background for WPBakery Page Builder WordPress plugin

 Ultimate WordPress Row Gradient Background Add beautyful static or animated 2-4 colors gradients to any Row in WPBakery Page Builder with any elements. WPBakery Page Builder plugin (original version) required for plugin. Automatic plugin integration with ANY theme allow you to just install this plugin and start adding gradients, no coding knowledge required. Developed by

3D Photo Queue – WordPress Media Plugin

  3D Photo Queue – WordPress Plugin 3D Photo Queue is a versatile html5 javascript application which uses CSS3D feature to create a highly optimized and efficient 3D photo gallery. The photos are designed like a queue of items which can be scrolled up and down to reveal other items. Many options are available to

Row Navigation For WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer)

 Key Features User friendly design<l/i> Many predefined presetl/i> Very beautiful layoutsl/i> Add infinite rowsl/i> Choose the background color and text color for each rowsl/i> For go to the previous or next row, there are buttons that you can customizel/i> CHANGELOG Version 1.0 , 02-16- 2019 – Release Plugin

Bootstrap Editor

 WordPress Bootstrap Editor Plugin, Create responsive page using all Bootstrap power!

WooCommerce Simple Event Booking with Tickets

 WooCommerce Event Booking plugin allow Admin to create unlimited Events and attach Tickets with nice and simple UI. This plugin is Simple solution to create Events and Ticket with WooCommerce Products. Unlimited Events can be attached against one Product and each Event can have unlimited numbers of Tickets. Price and Spots/Quantity of Tickets generate total

VC Sparkling Background

 Features list: Visual Composer: Set a Sparkling Effect to Visual Composer Row/Column elements. Visual Composer addon: WYSIWYG with VC Frontend editor. WordPress. Set a default Sparkling Background for all pages/posts. You can active Sparkling Effect for per page (or post) via metabox settings. Custom Particle via Settings page. Powerful Inline Preview: you will see preview

VC Skewify Row

 Skew your row! This plugin allows you to make Visual Composer rows with skewed top and bottom border. It’s very simple to use. Just insert Skewify element into your VC Row and watch the magic! It uses HTML clip-path for cutting out triangles. It has fallback for IE, which requires one sibling row to have

Row Separators for Visual Composer

 Sure you can separate your content into different rows. But how can you liven up that jump from content to content? Row Separatorsanswers this nagging question for you. We have created over 70+ customizable SVG Row Separators to choose from. You can use them as top or bottom separators, flip them, scale them and change

Row Scroll Animations for Visual Composer

 Liven up Your Site with Entrance & Exit Row Animations First we created parallax backgrounds for Visual Composer, now we’re bringing you another new and awesome way to bring life to your layouts with Row Scroll Animations. WHAT ARE ROW SCROLL ANIMATIONS? Have you ever noticed in some custom made sites that while you are

Row Element for Layerswp Pagebuilder

 Row is one of the most wanted component which is unfortunately missing from layerswp page builder. It help you to place different widgets side by side. For example you can’t add slider, content or calendar widget in same row. So it helps you to accomplish the exact layout you want. Its based on 12 columns