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WooCommerce Product Availability Scheduler Plugin

 WooCommerce Product Availability Scheduler Plugin empowers merchants to schedule products availability. A scheduled product will not be unpurchasable until the time is expired or disabled the scheduler. The plugin allows scheduling specific products or schedule products by categories & global scheduler for all products. Allow customers to enroll for the availability of the product by

WordPress Posts & WooCommerce Products Scheduler

 The WordPress Posts & WooCommerce Products Scheduler (WPPS) plugin is a powerful tool by which the Site admin can schedule a post/product visibility by “date rules” and for user roles. WooCommerce products can also be setted as “Unpurchasable” (visible but cannot be added to cart). LIVE DEMO user: demo pass: demo HOW IT WORKS

WooCommerce Availability Scheduler

 With W.A.S. plugin you can manage the availability of all your products, scheduling it throughout the day or the week You will have the flexibility to choose when your products will be available to your customers, showing a custom message and a countdown timer. LIVE DEMO user: demo pass: demo CUSTOM MESSAGES AND SHORTCODES