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Description Product for WooCommerce

 Description Product for WooCommerce An extension for WooCommerce, this plugin helps you display short description in shop page, category page, tag page, product page. You can change color, font size, text align, … short description in shop page, product page. You can set number character, change position short description in shop page, product page. Demo

WooCommerce Stock Status in Product Loop

 Demo     Documentation By default, WooCommerce doesn’t show stock status of any product in product loop (shop and category pages, cross-sells and upsells lists). This absence of stock status results in poor user experience (UX) when user reaches a product detail page to buy it via product loop (e.g. shop page) and finds out that

WooCommerce Custom Product Description in Loop for Products Catalog

  This simple but eye-catching plugin can turn your WooCommerce products catalog into a beautiful listing with a custom product description for each product. Using the WooCommerce Custom Product Description you can feature this custom description to add slogans, special offers or keywords that will catch your customers’ attention and encourage them to visit the