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Smart Post Layout for Elementor

 Smart Post Layout for Elementor – Elevate your WordPress site with this powerful plugin designed specifically for Elementor users. Drawing inspiration from our acclaimed shortcode version, “Smart Post Layout for WordPress,” this Elementor-exclusive plugin brings the same sophistication and versatility to your page designs, enabling you to showcase your blog posts in an elegant manner.

Animated Hover Menu for Elementor

  Animated Hover Menu for Elementor A couple of ideas for creative menu/listing items come with unique hover animated images for Elementor The idea is to navigate a item-based listing with special effects on-hovered, it shows an image related to the item as preview. Currrently 3 different effects. Within few minutes, you can add unique

Post Gallery Menu for Elementor

  Post Gallery Menu for Elementor A menu layout for WordPress Posts comes with hover animation and a gallery content preview. The idea is to navigate a category-based listing with hover image on-clicked, it reveals the main content/listing underneath. Can be also used as “Custom Category” sections on any WordPress themes. Within few minutes, you

Smart Post Layout For WordPress

 Smart Post Layout For WordPress – is an extremely useful plugin for showcasing your WordPress blog posts as elegant way. In the initial release of plugin comes with 2 beautiful layouts (Carousel, Grid) with 5 different themes. You will able to create blog layout and showcase any builder including Gutenberg in just minutes, without any

Talker – Page to Speech Plugin for WordPress

 The Talker Text-to-Speech WordPress Plugin powered by Microsoft Azure is a tool that utilizes advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to convert website content into natural-sounding human speech. This innovative plugin ensures fast and dependable performance worldwide. With over 450 voices available in 75+ languages and variants, the Talker Plugin uses cutting-edge speech synthesis techniques,

Wiloke Expanding Flex Cards Elementor Addon

 Wiloke Expanding Flex Cards is an Elementor Addon allows to display images and post types in an Expanding Flex Card interface! This powerful plugin allows you to effortlessly showcase your content in a visually stunning way, while also giving you complete control over how many items are displayed and which specific post IDs are included.

News Addons for Elementor – Ultimate News, Blog and Magazine Widgets

 News Addons for Elementor Want to become a news content powerhouse? Our WordPress Elementor plugin will take your news site to the next level with easy-to-use styling options, built-in widgets, and unparalleled customization. Don’t miss out on the chance to provide your readers with a seamless news experience. Purchase now and receive a set-up guide

Hotspot for Elementor – Spoter

 The Spoter is an interactive hotspot WordPress plugin for Elementor to add unlimited markers with tooltips on your image. This multipurpose tool can be useful in different cases like markers of the offices location with information about them, courses program steps, project goals, achievements, any item description shown in the picture, or for other your

Recent Posts Elementor Addon

 Recent Posts Elementor Addon is addon plugin for Elementor. The plugin providing recent posts element with filter query and flexible layout. Plugin can used both Elementor free version or Pro version. Features Excluding previous query Excluding current post query Latest post/ most comment ordering Sticky post only filter Featured image only filter Filter by single