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WooCommerce POS French NF525 Certification

 WooCommerce POS French NF525 Certification This plugin helps the admin to facilitate digitally secure Point Of Sale transactions according to French Law. It verifies the order receipts and order invoices by digital signature. The digital signature will be visible in the order receipt and order invoice. Thus, the admin can keep a track of the

WooCommerce POS WhatsApp Notification Message

 WooCommerce POS WhatsApp Notification Message WooCommerce POS WhatsApp Notification Message: This plugin enables POS agents to send customised, order-related messages to POS customers over WhatsApp. This plugin allows the administrator to build templates for WhatsApp pos messages. The WhatsApp message’s headline and content can be customised by the administrator. Customers can receive order-related and personalised

WooCommerce POS Multiple Barcode

 WooCommerce POS Multiple Barcode By the help of WooCommerce POS Multiple Barcode Plugin, the admin can create multiple barcodes for a product and assign them with multiple quantities. At the frontend, the POS agent simply needs to scan the barcode or enters the Barcode Name to add the product with its associated quantities to cart.

Multi-Vendor Point of Sale System for WooCommerce

 Multi-Vendor Point of Sale System for WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Point of Sale System provides marketplace sellers to have the functionality, where they can easily manage their online stores along with the physical stores. The physical stores will have a POS front-end management system for which the seller can assign a store agent who can easily manage

POS Order Return Plugin for WooCommerce

 POS Order Return for WooCommerce The POS Order Return for WooCommerce facilitates the POS user to create refunds if in case a customer returns an order or products. As soon as a POS user generates a return for an order, the order status alters to refunded and the inventory of the products of the order

POS Barcode Inventory Management for WooCommerce

 POS Barcode Inventory Management for WooCommerce This Item only works with Webkul’s POS System for WooCommerce. Hence the POS System for WooCommerce is Required, to make use of this Plugin. POS Barcode Inventory Management for WooCommerce quite beneficial for the admin as it reduces the workload of the admin. The admin can directly scan the

WooCommerce POS Pricelist

 WooCommerce POS Pricelist This Item only works with Webkul’s WooCommerce POS System. Hence the POS Plugin is Required, to make use of this Plugin. To make an e-commerce business more profitable, proper pricing and discounting strategies must be acquired by online retailers. WooCommerce POS Pricelist provides the feature using which better discounts may be allocated


 WooSquare – Connect WooCommerce to Square WooSquare purpose is to migrate & synchronize data (sales –customers-invoices-products inventory) between Square system point of sale & Woo commerce plug-in. Square is free point of sale software that facilitate the process of selling products. Need for that to simplify the process of selling data and integration between woo