nft creator WordPress Plugins

WordPress NFT Bulk Minting

 Compatible with: Enefti – NFT Marketplace Core It is finally here! The first NFT Bulk Mining plugin for WordPress is not available! Mint an Unlimited number of NFTs at once and earn more by paying fewer transaction fees (commissions). Enter a new era of the internet with WEB3 by starting an NFT marketplace by deploying

Restrict Content By NFT

 Restrict Content By NFT: Show your special premium content only to people that have bought your NFT or your NFTs, you choose! Made for: MetaMask Authenticator plugin Compatible with: Enefti – NFT Marketplace Core System Requirements: WordPress + Hosting. MetaMask Authenticator plugin (Without this plugin, it will not work). Soon: WalletConnect plugin. Key Features: Compatible

Media Types For Enefti NFT Marketplace Core (Addon)

 Media Types plugin is an addon for our NFT Marketplace core plugin: Enefti NFT Marketplace Core. The scope of this addon is to extend the default functionality of Image NFTs to also create/mint Audio, Video, 3D Files and PDF document NFTs. Compatible with: Enefti – NFT Marketplace Core System Requirements: WordPress + Hosting. Enefti Core

WooCommerce NFT Importer – Dokan (Addon)

 Start an affiliate NFT Marketplace by importing NFTs from via their API. The NFTs will be imported in WooCommerce and will create affiliate/external products. System Requirements: WooCommerce. Dokan or Dokan Pro. WooCommerce NFT Importer (Without this core plugin, it will not work). Key Features: Addon for WooCommerce NFT Importer. It requires the core plugin

WordPress NFT Creator

 Create NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) directly from your WordPress website and submit on the Blockchain. This plugin is the perfect starting point for any NFT Marketplace (WordPress/WooCommerce). Key Features: Deploying NFTs to your wallet’s current network. Single Vendor or Multi Vendor. Compatible with any blockchain that uses EVM and Solidity.(Polygon, ETH, BSC, etc.) Restrict networks that