mining WordPress Plugins

MineLab – Cloud Crypto Mining WordPress Plugin

 MineLab, is a complete crypto-mining WordPress plugin that enables an excellent opportunity to create your cloud crypto-mining WordPress website. worlds are becoming cashless and crypto is becoming more popular day by day. it’s an $8 Billion industry currently. a lot of people are now interested to run their cloud mining platform, some datacenter who has

Easy Analytics Tracking

 Easy Analytics Tracking Easy Analytics Tracking is a WordPress Plugin to help you connect you website page with mainstream marketing tools and to kickstart your digital marketing strategies with just one click. You can use this plugin in all your sites forever ! How To Use – Install the plugin in your WordPress – Select

Cryptocurrency Mining Calculator Widgets for WordPress

 Cryptocurrency Mining Calculator Widgets plugin allows you to easily add various types of cryptocurrency mining calculator widgets to your WordPress website.

Monero (XMR) Miner for WordPress

 “Monero Mining in Visitors’s CPU via Coinhive” Please check your CPU usage while open the live demo page. Your CPU mining XMR every time while open the page. You need Coinhive account for use this plugin. You can sign up Coinhive for free. Features You can pause the mining at any time You can set