mini cart WordPress Plugins

Go Cart – Side Cart/Floating Cart For WooCommerce

  Go Cart – Side Cart/Floating Cart For WooCommerce Go Cart is a WooCommerce extension that adds an interactive sticky sidebar shopping cart on your store. This plugin lets user manage his/her cart items without the need of the cart page. With Go Cart products can be added into the cart and removed from the

WooCommerce All In One Cart

  WooCommerce All In One Cart is a powerful WooCommerce extension that displays fancy carts in different locations of your WooCommerce store. It will allow your customers to quickly view the products that they have added to their cart. This can make your WooCommerce store more effective as your customers will be able to update

WooCommerce Floating Cart Popup

  ENGAGE AND CONVERT MORE CUSTOMERS WITH ANYTIME ACCESSIBLE FLOATING CART ON THE SELECTED PAGES OF YOUR WOOCOMMERCE STORE WooCommerce Floating Cart Popup is an amazing plugin that helps WooCommerce store owners to engage their customers with the shopping as well as the cart and encourage more purchases. With this plugin, the admin can show

WooCommerce Cart – Ajax, Floating, Slide-in, Popup Cart Plugin For WordPress

 WooCommerce Cart – Cart Plugin For WordPress WooCommerce Cart is a premium extension for WooCommerce that displays a fancy cart on different locations of your eCommerce store. It will allow your customers to quickly view the products that they have added to their bucket list. This can make your WooCommerce powered online store more effective

WooCommerce Cart All in One – One click Checkout – Sticky|Side Cart

  WooCommerce Cart All In One Plugin is a powerful extension which helps to innovate the functions of the Cart on the WooCommerce Store. The plugin also provides users with many useful tools to design all the elements relating such as Sidebar Cart, Menu Cart, Sticky Add To Cart button, Checkout on Sidebar Cart, which

WooCommerce Popup Cart

 WooCommerce Popup Cart is a simple plugin that offers an extremely useful feature. The plugin gives you the freedom to continue browsing the shop. You are free to add all products to your shopping cart without going to the shopping cart page. Customers don’t have to wait for the page to refresh. The item added

WooCommerce Awesome Side Cart

 WooCommerce Awesome Side Cart, is an interactive Floating Side Cart for your WooCommerce store that slides once user can buy any item from shop or product page, Change product quantity based on Ajax Update, Remove Item from cart, Update Price and Quantity. WooCommerce Awesome Side Cart is fully customizable with a lot of setting options,

Mini Cart Drawer For WooCommerce

  Mini Cart Drawar For WooCommerce It will display a nice mini cart into your woocommerce site, you can cofigure it as you want. It has a nice very easy pro active control panel, also you can configure using WP Customizer. Also it has another module for sale booster. You can attract your customers to

Woo Header Mini Cart

 Description With this plugin you can add mini cart options to your shop website header and footer section, The header cart button will automatically add to the menu next to your menu, you can remove the option from plugin page if you want, A Button will also add on footer section, you can remove this

WooCommerce Flying Cart

 The WooCommerce Flying Cart plugin includes an icon that lets you open the cart popup and show the cart contents at any time. The icon floats on the page, meaning that it will always be available in the same position on the screen even if you scroll the page up or down or if you