map WordPress Plugins

Interactive World Map for Elementor – Mapper

 The Mapper is a WordPress plugin for Elementor to add an informative colorful interactive map anywhere on your site page. Create unlimited maps for countries, continents or regions. Choose the map display mode that best suits your goals and wishes. With a minimum of effort and time, you can add the necessary data, configure tooltips

3D Map WordPress Plugin – 3D-Mapper

  3D-Mapper WordPress Plugin The 3D map is much more than a simple picture on your website! A 3D map is much more than a simple picture on your website! 3D Maps provide a realistic depth that enables your visitors to see into spaces, experience the movement of light and shadow, and gain a more

Treweler – Advanced Mapbox Maps Builder Plugin for WordPress

 Treweler is a flexible and multipurpose WordPress plugin based on the Mapbox web mapping platform. Its purpose is to help you create a custom map for your personal or business project. This combination of plugin functionality and Mapbox map customization provides limitless possibilities when creating a way to describe the world around us. Overview Treweler

Openstreet Map for MyListing Theme

 We know thousands of MyListing theme customers need an alternative to avoid hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in the map service bills. We have come up with a lightweight plugin that can replace map services with openstreet free maps.

GMaper – Google Maps for Elementor

 Gmaper is a WordPress plugin to add extended Google maps without using iframes or code knowledge. It provides an easy and fast process for creating unlimited markers, legends, map styles, and customize other settings. The map widget can enhance any site, be it a blog of travelers visiting places worldwide, a business company with multiple

WP Mini Map | WordPress Page Content Map Plugin

 With WP Minimap you can generate a mini map for your WordPress website. WP Minimap shows a small map of your website content on the right top corner of your site. You can see how long the page is and control scrolling of the page via this map. The map also shows your website content

Progress Map, Directions

 Directions is an extension of Progress Map. It allows you to get directions between your address/position and the locations on your map and to display routes and the direction steps. It also provides a search tool that will allow you to show locations within a specific distance of your location/address. With this plugin, finding directions has never

DT – Directory WordPress Plugin

 A powerful Directory plugin by DesignThemes – Use it to build the best website for your business. Whatever maybe your business, Directory plugin will adopt it. Some of the unique features are listed below, Possibility to build a website for any business.  Make your home page more attractive with your business details filled shortcodes. 10

WooCommerce Local Delivery Shipping

 WooCommerce Local Delivery Shipping lets customers choose their location on Google map on checkout or use geolocation to locate them, order address coordination will come in each order for admin, each user can save their coordination on my account address tab or in checkout page. How it works? Create delivery zones using google earth polygons and

Google Maps addon – widget for Elementor

  Google Maps addon – widget for Elementor You are looking for Google Map addons for the element in Page buider Elementor TfGMap is the most perfect choice. With TfGMap you can Unlimited design Map for your webiste. It is very easy to make google map with TfGMap. Except for some basic config(Map type, scroll