helpdesk WordPress Plugins

SupportEase AI – Smart Helpdesk For WordPress

 SupportEase AI – Smart Helpdesk & Contact Form WordPress Plugin SupportEase AI is a powerful customer support plugin for WordPress that allows you to manage ticketing systems, knowledge bases, and automated replies with ease. Your go-to WordPress plugin for effortless customer support and ticket management. Note: Open AI Integration is optional you can use all

Deski Support – WordPress Based Ticketing System

 Features Overridable Templates: Frontend and email templates are overridable, so you can customize them and make them look like the rest of your website design for seamless integration. Custom Fields: Create custom fields the customer has to fill in when submitting a new ticket. The custom fields can be global or conditional, meaning they only

Docsy – WordPress plugin for online documentation

 Easily tool for creating online documentation WordPress plugin Docsy helps you create and manage the online documentation for your products, services, and projects. FEATURES Easily manage your project article or documentation. Order project topics as you need. Set the logo and image for each project ( product/service ). Auto content table generation. Responsive Layout. Ready

Support Genix – WordPress Support Ticket Plugin

 Despite the costs, we believe that customer support is essential for any business. In 2020, we set out to create a low-cost WordPress ticketing solution that would be accessible to small businesses. We developed a strategy and got started on the plugin development. Documentation | Demo | Video | Support Forum Many of the most

ChaSupport – Support Tickets System APP

  ChaSupport is a unique mix of live chat app and ticket system platform that includes all the necessary features like ticket department, statue, auto agent assignment, mail notifications, public and private tickets, search tickets, and it also supports Envato items with auto purchase code checker and WooCommerce support with orders checker, ChaSupport can be

DeepDocs – Documentation and Knowledge Base Plugin

 DeepDocs offers reliable and simple solution for online documentation and knowledge base, DeepDocs comes with modern drag and drop interface which makes it suitable for almost any product, If your product is physical and you need manual you can use DeepDocs as an online manual, If your product is digital such as desktop software, web

WPHelpere Knowledge Base for WordPress plugin

 WPHelpere is a Knowledge Base WordPress plugin which supports for multiple products or services in a single WordPress install. WPHelpere is a super crafted knowledge base for WordPress plugin to create a self-service platform for your customers. WPHelpere is the best and suitable plugin to provide knowledge base support for your multiple products as well

Ticketrilla: Newsletters Addon

 Ticketrilla: Newsletters Addon With the plugin “Ticketrilla: Newsletters Addon” for plugin “Ticketrilla: Server” you can send newsletters and any notifications to your client. They will receive them when log in to the admin panel of his site. You can buy the plugin “Ticketrilla: Server” here Avaliable addons: Ticketrilla: Envato Licenses Ticketrilla: Client’s Server Information Ticketrilla:

Envato Castle – Smart Keygate Solution for bbPress to Verify and Collect Buyers via WP REST API

  Overview Envato Castle is a Smart Keygate Solution WordPress plugin for Envato’s Authors, helping you to create your own support forum using bbPress WordPress plugin, Verify and collect your buyers and their licenses, Organize the bbPress forums to be accessed by the Verified Buyers Only as well as prevent buyers from using any forum

ChaTicket – Smart WordPress Support System Plugin

 ChaTicket is a ticketing system you can use it to provide support for almost any type of products, ChaTicket is a unique mix of live chat app and ticket system platform that includes all the necessary features like ticket department, statue, auto agent assignement, mail notifications, public and private tickets, search tickets, and it’s also