flying WordPress Plugins

Teaser PiP – WordPress Plugin

 You don’t have to change anything on your website. Teaser PiP it’s a floating video that appears fixed on the bottom right or left of your website. The user can expand it to see it in fullscreen and unmute it to listen to the sound. The video starts playing automatically (autoplay) even on mobile! Of

Website Bats WordPress Plugin

  Add flying bats to your WordPress site Target a specific container or the whole page The bats will be (optionally) scared by mouseover The bats will be (optionally) removed with a click or tap – see if you can catch them all! Options to change the number of bats and flight speed Options to

WordPress Flying Popups

 WordPress Flying Popups plugin is based on my jQuery Flying Popup script, which allows to show flying popup with absolutely any HTML/image/Flash content inside, whether you show important info for your users, promo or banner with ad – it’s up to you. Manage multiple popups on your website Create popups, just as any other content