elementor WordPress Plugins

Wiloke Progress Pie for Elementor

 New Way to Track Projects and Customers: Are You Ready? Display your triumph with a vibrant, spinning progress pie with Wiloke Progress Pie. Showcase your success This progress percentage pie with animation allows you to easily and interestingly showcase how many projects and customers you’ve worked on. With a dynamic animation, interested parties will be

Wiloke Polaroid Gallery For Elementor

 Create an artful gallery with Wiloke Polaroid Gallery This powerful Elementor widget helps make your memories come alive & show off your brand A unique experience We’ve made the Wiloke Polaroid Gallery to make memories come alive — and make them worth sharing. Whether it’s a birthday party, an engagement party, an anniversary, or graduation

Audier – Audio Player with Controls Builder for Elementor

 The Audier WordPress plugin is a super customizable audio player for Elementor builder. It is an easy widget to add music, podcasts, transcription, or any other audio information to your website. The player supports both single tracks and playlist. It looks and works perfectly on different devices. You can use self-hosted files or external links

Vimeo Gallery Elementor

 Click image to view demo Ultimate Vimeo video gallery now displays Vimeo content including channels, albums, showcases, folders, collections, groups, ondemand content… and much more! Gallery offers different layout styles from grids to player with playlist layouts, includes pagination for faster page loads, ads animation effects like video playback on hover, offers diverse styling and

Youtube Gallery Elementor

 Click image to view demo Ultimate Youtube video gallery now displays Youtube content including channels and playlists, offer different layout styles from grids to player with playlist layouts, includes pagination for faster page loads, ads animation effects like video playback on hover, handles youtube api quota in a smart way, offers diverse styling and much

Wiloke Button Plus for Elementor

  Create a stunning CTA button in seconds Wiloke Button Plus are guaranteed to increase your conversion rates Easy to use For starters, we have created an easy-to-use interface that guides you through the whole process of creating your own CTA button with ease: from the design, editing, and finalization. Our intuitive interface also offers

Wiloke Call To Action Addon For Elementor

 Build your stunning CTA hero banners in minutes Wiloke Call To Action is a brand new plugin for Elementor that helps you create fascinating hero banners with a few clicks! Design engaging banners in minutes Wiloke lets you build incredible, high-quality hero banners in less than 3 minutes and without any coding. Whether it’s an

Ele Posts Slider – any post type slider for Elementor PRO

 About the Ele Posts Slider Technically, Ele Posts Slider is an add-on for Elementor PRO page builder. But in the practical sense, this is the extension of an existing widget named “Posts”. It allows you to turn the posts grid generated by the Post widget into a slider or a carousel. So, Ele Posts Slider

Wiloke Process Elegant Addon for Elementor

  Easy way to create innovative process cards Wiloke Process Elegant is an Elementor plugin that offers different process templates to choose from Easy, clear, and efficient Create elegant process cards for your listings, offers, brand history, development plan, and anything else you want to show off. Everything is laid out for you, so it’s

Elementor Forms – Google Sheets Connector

  This plugin sends all the data of Elementor Forms (submissions/ entries) as per the fields of Google Sheets, on form submission, that data is also sent to Google Sheets. As the visitor provides its information on your site, upon the form submission the data will instantly be sent to Google Sheets. In this way,