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WPFA – WooCommerce Product Finder Assistant

 Our Product Finder Assistant it’s like a personal shopper on your e-commerce store, that help and guide your customers to find the products that best match their needs. Our module engages your customers with a Shopping Assistant Quiz. Each client is unique in its own way, so depending on the answers given, the quiz will

WooCommerce Composite Products – Multi Step Order Builder Plugin

 Allow customers to create the product bundle in the step by step selection of items from specific products, or categories, the admin can force the customers to specific limit of selection of items from each step. The customers can go for each step & create the bundle of their own choice. Features Step by step

WooCommerce Composite Products Plugin

 WooCommerce composite products plugin let your customers assembled the products before purchasing them such as computer, bicycle, laptop, etc. You can create various components and add specific products, categories or tags in it. It enables various types of layouts to display all the components such as simple, accordion and steps. You can also set maximum