animal WordPress Plugins

Pedigree Pages

  Pedigree Pages allows you to easily display your animal pedigrees on your WordPress site. Add your animal details, birth date, breed, color, coat pattern, mother and father, and Pedigree Pages will show a full post with a generated pedigree tree, and offspring. Features Easy to use editor. Add animals easily just like a post,

Website Pet

  Add life to your website. Show notifications, messages or make and display animations to your site visitors using a tiny virtual pet. Can be used for: – Important Notifications – Sales announcements – Guide visitors Options for various behaviours, including position, walk area, hide option remembered by cookies, etc. Instructions Manual If you have

Huge Carousel for Visual Composer

 Huge Carousel Add-on for Visual Composer Huge Carousel for Visual Composer is an elegant carousel add-on, which allows you to create a beautiful display for your images. It is the perfect solution to showcase your portfolio, rooms, services, landscapes and other image galleries. You can grab the visitors’ attention right away, with a large images