Synesthesia: Responsive Image Editor

Synesthesia: the Responsive Image Editor for WordPress.

Create and edit photos right from your browser. Drag and drop layers to position them on the canvas, use your own fonts, change the opacity, and more. Responsively designed, this will resize to fit any browser flawlessly.

NEW v2.0 Features!

  • GradientsPowerful gradient controls with per-color opacity that you can apply to text, boxes, and borders.
  • Image FiletypesSynesthesia now automatically detects your browser’s supported image types and allows you to save you image as those.
  • FullscreenExpand the editor to fullscreen, and compact it back to its original size with a single click.
  • Image CompressionYou can now choose to a compression level for your images for smaller filesizes.
  • LanguagesSynesthesia now comes localized in English and Spanish.
  • All New Interfacev2.0 has a completely rewritten frontend with more intuitive controls.


  • Drag and DropLayers are easily positioned and resized by dragging them on the canvas.
  • LayersReorder images, text, and shapes on top of each other by dragging them on the Layers panel.
  • Custom FontsHave Synesthesia load the fonts on your computer so you can use them in your images.
  • Edit Directly From ComputerSynesthesia uses the HTML5 FileReader API to edit images straight from your computer without having to upload or download anything.
  • OpacityPer-layer opacity control for stunning effects.
  • Custom SizesResize the canvas and create images of any size.
  • Integrates Media GalleryAll images are saved into the Media Gallery and immediately usable throughout WordPress.