SupportEase AI – Smart Helpdesk For WordPress

SupportEase AI – Smart Helpdesk & Contact Form WordPress Plugin

SupportEase AI is a powerful customer support plugin for WordPress that allows you to manage ticketing systems, knowledge bases, and automated replies with ease. Your go-to WordPress plugin for effortless customer support and ticket management.

Note: Open AI Integration is optional you can use all features without AI as well.

Additional For Envato Authors: Enhance customer support validation with our seamless Envato API Integration.

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Key Features

AI-Powered Ticket Management: Add AI to manage and resolve tickets efficiently.

Comprehensive Knowledge Base: Manage your support team with a robust knowledge base to find answers quickly.

Automated Replies: Save time with intelligent automated replies.

User-Friendly Interface: Simple and intuitive interface for both admins and users.

Customizable Settings: Tailor the plugin to fit your specific support needs.

Benefits for the Customers

  • Effortless Support: Easy to submit and manage support tickets.
  • Quick Answers: Access a comprehensive knowledge base to find solutions
  • fasterAutomated Assistance: Get immediate help through automated replies.


You can check the demo here

username: demouser

password: Abcd@1234

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## Changelog
### 1.0.0
- Initial release of SupportEase AI.