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Discover the easiest and most efficient way to find the products you love with our advanced Super WooCommerce Product Filter. Our smart filtering system allows you to tailor your shopping journey, ensuring you get exactly what you’re looking for, every time. Filter products by category, price range, attributes, and more, ensuring you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Welcome to a new era of online shopping where finding the perfect products is a breeze. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to a more streamlined, efficient, and enjoyable shopping journey. Our Super WooCommerce Product Filter is designed to simplify your search, save you time, and ensure you find exactly what you desire.

Smart Filtering

Effortlessly narrow down your search using our intelligent filtering system. Filter products by category, price range, attributes, and more, ensuring you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Customization Options

Personalize your shopping experience with customizable filter settings. Choose your preferred layout, color scheme, and display options to match your unique style.

Responsive Design

Shop seamlessly across all devices. Our responsive design ensures a flawless experience whether you’re on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Customizable Product Displays

Experience ultimate flexibility with our WooCommerce product filter, offering both horizontal and vertical orientation options. Choose how filtered products are displayed (grid, list, etc.). Options for customizing the number of products shown per page.

Compatibility with Any WooCommerce Themes

Seamless integration with popular WooCommerce themes. Ensure consistent styling and functionality across different theme environments.

Effortless Integration

Easily integrate our plugin into your WooCommerce-powered website with just a few clicks. No coding required – start enhancing your store’s functionality instantly.

Display anywhere on any pages

Effortlessly enhance your WooCommerce store anywhere with our versatile product filter. Utilize shortcodes for seamless integration on any page, and enjoy a sleek off-canvas menu design for an intuitive and space-saving filtering experience.

Compatible with any page builder

Our WooCommerce product filter is designed to seamlessly integrate with any WordPress page builder. Whether you prefer Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, or any other popular page builder, our product filter ensures compatibility, allowing you to effortlessly enhance your store’s functionality while maintaining a smooth and cohesive design.

Conditional Display Of Filters By Product Category or Tag

Our advanced WooCommerce product filter offers conditional display options based on product categories and tags. Tailor the filtering experience to specific products by setting up rules that activate or deactivate filters depending on the category or tag assigned to each item.

Selectively include and exclude product categories and attributes

Selectively include or exclude specific product categories and attributes to tailor the filtering experience. This level of customization ensures that your customers can refine their searches precisely, focusing on the products that matter most to them.

Product Count And Search Filter

Instantly see the number of available products as you apply filters, ensuring a streamlined browsing process. The search filter allows you to pinpoint specific products quickly, providing a user-friendly and efficient way to find exactly what you’re looking for.

​​Logic Operator (OR/AND)

The plugin features robust logic operators such as OR and AND. Effortlessly create complex rules to showcase products that meet multiple criteria simultaneously (AND)

Category Filters

Easy selection of specific product categories to narrow down search results and
Multi-level category filters for efficient organization and navigation.

Price Range Filters

Slider options for users to define their preferred price brackets. Set budget constraints with customizable price range filters.

Rating and Reviews Filter

Filter products based on customer ratings and reviews and allow users to find highly-rated products quickly.

Stock Availability Filter

Option to filter products based on stock availability. Helpful for customers who want to see only in-stock items.

Discount and Sale Filters

Filter products based on discounts or ongoing sales. Ideal for bargain hunters looking for the best deals.

Attribute Filters

Filter products based on custom attributes (e.g., size, color, brand). Support for any product attributes defined in WooCommerce.

Reset Filters Button

One-click option to reset all applied filters and start a new search. Enhances user experience by providing an easy way to refine searches.

Light Weight Code

Our WooCommerce product filter boasts a lightweight codebase, ensuring optimal performance without compromising functionality. Experience seamless integration, fast loading times, and efficient product filtering.

Multi Language Support

Break down language barriers and reach a global audience effortlessly with our WooCommerce product filter. Designed for multi-language support, our plugin ensures a seamless experience for users accessing your online store in different languages. Additionally, our product filter is translation-ready, allowing you to easily adapt the interface to match your desired language.

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