Super Social Content Locker

All in one Plugin for your next social locker

Super Social Content Locker is all in one social locker plugin with most popular features. It could be your next social locker with most amazing features, let’s think if you can lock your content with different options, Some content locked by follow or share us on social media and some are forced to watch your advertisement video and some are want to fill out the form and some or just play a game by voting.How its Sound? Awesome!!!

How to use Super Social Content Locker (SSCL)

This plugin can be used by two ways:

1-Sidebar Widget – SSCL can be used as standalone sidebar widget by selecting content locker type from WordPress widget section.

2-Anywhere in website using SHORTCODE – SSCL also can be used individually anywhere in website by using its shortcode which are generating when you define your content locker in SSCL admin area.

What content can be unlocked?

Currently sscl is supporting two type of content to unlock

1-Image Content – This content type will unlock image after its meet your locker Criteria

2-URL Content – This content could be your download link or url of any secret website, After Content Locker successful it will reveal downloading url or website url.

1-Follow us to unlock Content
2-Share us to unlock Content
3-Rate us to unlock content
4-Vote X times to unlock content
5-Fill out the form to unlock content
6-Play an advertisement video to unlock content
7-Become an member to unlock content

Follow us to unlock Content

This feature of sscl will allow your visitors to follow you on social media to unlock content, and it will increase your Social media appearance and will get a lot of traffic for you. We are using the most powerful social media tycoons for unlock content such as Facebook, twitter and Google plus.