Stratum Pro – Elementor Widgets

Stratum is a collection of 20+ Elementor addons with the aim of enhancing the existing widget functionality of your favorite page builder. Not only do Elementor extras by Stratum provide you with highly-customizable elements but also offer automatic adjustment to the visual styling of your current theme.

Take a look at the entire collection of Elementor essential addons by Stratum:

1. Advanced Accordion – create interactive content using the horizontal accordion tabs; change the accordion type to toggle; integrate the accordion to your custom Library templates.
2. Advanced Google Map – insert your business location on an interactive Google map; use the unlimited number of Google Maps custom markets and map styles.
3. Advanced Posts – display the latest project news & showcase the automatically sourced posts and pages using various grid, list, carousel, and masonry layouts.
4. Advanced Slider – display product carousels, intro sliders, to make the user focus on the important message; alter the number of columns, horizontal and vertical scrolling, navigation, etc.
5. Advanced Tabs – create fully-customizable horizontal or vertical-oriented tabs that support custom Library templates; shrink the content alignment to space-consuming tabs.
6. Banner – create animated banners for promos and announcements; add dynamics to your WordPress page; promote several offers at once.
7. Circle Progress Bar – display the progress in percentages and/or with a text description.
8. Counter – visualize data using the dynamic animated counter widget.
9. Flip Box – make flip boxes with animation with fully customizable front & back sections; choose between 6 flip effects (the same number as the Pro widget).
10. Image Accordion – create compact-style image galleries & banners with multiple-image display; highlight your images with amazing hover and click effects.
11. Image Hotspot – create animated pointers with tooltips and place them over images; change the styling of pointers & tooltips.
12. Instagram – implement a real-life Instagram feed to your WordPress website; display any number of posts & change the number of columns; use it as a free PR tool to attract site visitors to follow your business Instagram profile.
13. Masonry Gallery – create a stunning gallery display using multiple animation effects.
14. Price List – create stunning menus, catalogs, and other types of price lists for a website of any kind.
15. Price Menu – display food menus or other listings with prices in a beautiful and structured way.
16. Price Table – let customers compare the pricing for each product/service visually using this widget.
17. Testimonial Carousel – showcase testimonials in the most beautiful & space-consuming way using a carousel; edit reviews in the style that matches your entire website theme.
18. Vertical Timeline (new).
19. Horizontal Timeline (new).
20. Lottie Animations (new).
21. Countdown (new).

It makes no difference what kind of a business niche you are involved in, nor does it matter whether you develop an Elementor website for yourself or do it as a service. Stratum made both for beginners and pro users to get their best results while styling up content elements for their Elementor websites.