Sliding Post Navigator

Nowadays creating a quality posts is difficult job, especially since studies shown that a post’s length has really big impact on the users. So you start creating longer and longer posts, and the reader sometimes gets confused as to which part was this sentece really reffering. What if you have a inside post navigation? For example you want to create a 3000 words post and it is splited into 15 different paragraphs whith their own titles. You could then use Sliding Post Navigator to automatically create quick navigation offering those 15 paragraphs’s titles inside the navigation. Just use heading types for the titles of the paragraphs and set the same heading tags inside the widget’s settings. The best part is the navigation is sticky, so it’s always visible for the reader while reading the long post. He can see how much has read and how much there is to be read, what part of the article is he currently reading and ofcourse he can click on desired item.

Basically slider post navigator is like a navigation for your posts, like the navigation for the website, it’s also helpful and a must for the long or list-like posts.

Sliding Post Navigator is actually a siderbar widget, using jquery to unstick and stick to the window of the reader, so he can see all the different areas of the posts. Now best thing is, if you activate it and the post doesn’t have the required tags it will not show up. Meaning if you have set up the widget to create navigation using headin3 titles and your post have it it will create the navigation, but if you have some post that don’t have heading 3 tags insite its content the widget will not show bothering the reader.

The widget offers animated and statick effect, while scrolling, and it’s really easy to configurate it. You can take a look at the Live Preview.