Signature Field for Elementor form

The Digital Signature add-on allows you to add a digital signature field to your contact forms, enabling users to sign forms electronically.

Note: This plugin requires Elementor Pro


  • Easy to use
  • Set the field to “required”
  • Control the size of the signature field
  • Control the background and color of the signature field
  • Clear signature
  • Undo signature
  • Redo signature
  • Send signature to email
  • It works in all modern desktop and mobile browsers
  • Integrates seamlessly with elementor pro form

Seamless Signature Integration

Integrate a signature field seamlessly into your Elementor forms, allowing users to sign directly on your website.

Customizable Signature Field

Customize the signature field appearance (color, background, width, and height) to align with your website’s design.

Touchscreen and Mouse Support

Ensure compatibility across various devices, allowing users to sign using touchscreen devices or a mouse.