Showoff Two – The Stachethemes Gallery Plugin for WordPress

Showoff Two is the successor of our popular WordPress gallery plugin Showoff.
Completely rebuilt from scratch, the plugin offers an attractive way to show your projects, products, team or clients on your website.


– Import Products from your Etsy Shop
– Import WooCommerce Products
– Import Projects from CSV files
– Asynchronous import via background tasking
– Export your Projects to CSV file
– Server side and front-end javascript caching
– Ajax Driven (Fully crawlable by Google robots)
– Auto Generated SEO Schema for each project
– Mobile Ready: Swipe support, native scrolling. Does not use javascript scroll libraries
– Real-time history state update
– Adjustable grid columns, column size and grid gap
– Color customizable
– Auto-extract preview image base colors
– Numerous transition animations to choose from or randomize on each transition
– Auto focus project on open
– Share links
– Images preloader
– Tracks users favorite projects (can be switched off)
– Fully translatable. JavaScript i18n support
– Does not use external Fonts (like google fonts or font-awesome)
– Multi-site support
– Easy to use intuitive back-end. Easy to display on the front-end.

Displaying the plugin on the front-end:

The plugin uses the shortcode [st_showoff] to display the front-end content.

Shortcode examples:

[st_showoff title="Our Work"]
[st_showoff filter_cat="101,102,103"]
[st_showoff hide_cats="1" hide_tags="1"]
[st_showoff title="Our Work"]
[st_showoff featured="1"]
[st_showoff favorite="1"]

Shortcode attribues:

title – display title next to the menu
filter_cat – display only selected categories (id numbers)
hide_cats – hide categories menu
hide_tags – hide tags menu
featured – display only featured projects (0 / 1)
favorite – display only user’s favorites (0 / 1)