Seo Human Simulate Autolink PRO

Seo Human Simulate Autolink (SHSA) PRO, is a wordpress plugin that give you the ability to insert automatic links, based on keywords, in your site.
Unlike the existing plugins, it simulates human behavior in links creation, avoiding to link exactly the keyword, but randomly(befor or after) inserting in the links the words adjacent to the keyword. Google ranking is penalized by linking more times exactly same keywords.
This plugin allows you to create many different links that contain the same keyword, as it would in a human person links creation. The links choise can be extremely customizable , there is the ability to specify three(1,2,3) level of importance of keywords, how many links per article (or page) and more others options.
You can enter different parameters for the article links and for page links. The links are inserted only when posting article or page and will stored in database.
In this mode you should increase site performance avoiding slowing the site, as in the case in which the links are loaded each time during reading article itself.
The plugin is designed both for those who must manage a few keywords with the ability to upload even one at a time , both for those who have to manage a large number of keywords that you can copy them all at once within a textarea.
SHSA automatic detect language and aplly it. Support both English and Italian.


  • First and unique that simulate human link.
  • Born from many years of SEO experience.
  • Compatible with WordPress Multisite.
  • Works very fast and smart.
  • Easy to manage keywords and links.
  • Define keyword, one at a time or all at once.
  • Automatic language detection.
  • Support both english and italian language.