SalesKing – Ultimate Sales Team, Agents & Reps Plugin for WooCommerce

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SalesKing – Sales Agents & Reps
Plugin for WooCommerce

SalesKing is the complete solution for managing a Sales Team, Agents or Reps, compatible with any WooCommerce store.

SalesKing adds a versatile agent dashboard, where each of your agents can manage customers, orders, coupons, links, carts, as well as send messages, add subagents, or check earnings and payouts. On the admin side, the shop has powerful management capabilities, with the ability to organize agents in groups, promote agents, send payouts, as well as setup complex commission structures with rules and conditions.

There’s much more! Agents can negotiate and modify prices, place orders for customers (who only pay), get paid for agents they recruit, and many other functions, making up a powerful and complete sales agents solution.

Lifetime updates. Pay once.

While many wholesale plugins require a long commitment with yearly payments, SalesKing’s lifetime license makes everything so much simpler. Pay once. Get lifetime access.

Live Demo (Admin + Frontend)

Full demo available at

Features in Detail

✔ Powerful Agent Dashboard

  • Dashboard with 12 panels (most can be disabled)
  • Panels for announcements, messages, coupons, cart sharing, affiliate links
  • Panels for customers, orders, my team (subagents), earnings, payouts & profile
  • Overview of balance, latest earnings, order stats & pending messages

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✔ Announcements

  • Admin can send announcements and configure their visibility by group or agent
  • Announcements are posts that support formatting
  • Agents can receive announcements by email, based on profile settings
  • Agents view announcements in dashboard

✔ Messages

  • Messages allow admin and agents to easily communicate
  • Both admin and agents can send messages and initiate conversations
  • Messages can be received by email, based on profile settings
  • Conversations can be marked as read, or closed

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✔ Coupons

  • Agents can create / delete coupons and define coupon limits
  • Admin can set Maximum available discount by group or by agent
  • Agents can configure usage limits, and expiry dates
  • Agents can configure minimum and maximum spend limits
  • Agents earn commissions when coupons are used

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✔ Cart Sharing

  • Agents can add items to cart, and create sharable links
  • Links can be shared with customers, and set the cart when used
  • Agents receive commissions when their links are used

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✔ Affiliate Links

  • Agents can share registration, product, and shopping affiliate links
  • When registration links are used, the customer is assigned to the agent
  • When shopping or product links are used, the order and commission is assigned to the agent
  • Customers can choose agent at registration by entering Agent ID

✔ Customer Management

  • Agents can view all their customers in dedicated panel
  • Agents can add new customers. Customers receive login info via email.
  • Agents can view, print, or download agent data (PDF / CSV)

✔ Order Management

  • Agents can view and manage orders assigned to them (optional feature)
  • Agents have backend access only for the specific orders assigned
  • Agents can mark orders as complete, send invoices, etc.
  • Agents can view, print or download order data (PDF / CSV)

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✔ Subagents – Teams

  • Agents can add subagents, who receive credentials by email
  • Agents receive commissions for their subagents’ sales
  • List of subagents can be printed or downloaded (PDF / CSV)

✔ Earnings

  • In the dashboard, agents can view their earnings and monthly charts and stats
  • Agents can view both direct earnings, and earnings of subagents
  • Earnings are marked as “Pending” until orders are completed
  • Agents have a Balance, that is reduced when payouts are sent
  • Admin can edit commissions (Earnings) on each order
  • Admin can view each agent’s earnings in the backend

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✔ Payouts

  • SalesKing does not send actual payouts, but it tracks them
  • Admin can enter payouts in the backend
  • Emails regarding payouts are sent to agents
  • Agent balance is reduced when payouts are sent
  • Admin can configure payout methods in settings, and agents choose one
  • Payout history can be viewed at all times by both agent and admin

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✔ Agent Groups

  • Organize agents into groups, and set options by group
  • Different commission plans by group
  • Different maximum discount percentage by group
  • Announcement visibility by group

✔ Group Rules (Promotions)

  • Promote agents from one group to another when they reach thresholds
  • Change group based on earnings reached, or total sales reached
  • Group changes are automatic when thresholds are met
  • Example: An agent can be in the VIP group (10% commission), until they hit $100,000 in earnings, at which point they are moved to the VIP 2 group, where they receive 15% commission.

✔ Shop as Customer Functionality

  • Agents can switch to the customer’s account and add items to cart
  • At checkout, agents can pay, OR choose the “Pending Payment” gateway
  • When agents choose “pending”, customers receive an email notification
  • Customers can click on a single link and go pay for the order

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✔ Price Negotiation & Edit Prices

  • When agents shop for the customer, agents can negotiate / edit prices (optional)
  • Agents can offer discounts depending on “maximum discount percentage”
  • Agents can also increase prices (within limits)
  • When agents increase price, they can get a higher commission (configurable)

You can give agents 100% commission on everything they sell above item price.
In that case, if an item price is $1000, and the agent sells it for $1500, they will receive $500 + their regular commission. This provides strong incentives to agents.

✔ Sales Reps as Order Managers

  • You can fully disable the earnings module, and make agents only managers
  • In that case, you can assign each order to an agent, and have them manage it
  • Agents can fully access the order backend (only for their orders)
  • Agents can mark orders as complete, check status, send invoices, etc.
  • Agents can receive the new order email directly (optional via settings)

✔ Complex Commission Structures

  • Fixed amount and Percentage commission rules can be used together
  • Commission rules can apply globally, once per order, by category, or tag
  • Rules can be set globally, by agent, or agent group
  • Rules can be set by customer, or customer category
  • Rules can apply depending on who places the order: agent or customer
  • Thresholds: commission only received in the first X days since registration
  • Thresholds: commission only received for the customer’s first X orders
  • Subagent commissions: agents earn when subagents they referred have sales
  • Admin can edit commissions for each order
  • Commissions can be based on price incl. or excl. tax

Examples of what can be achieved:

  • $10 fixed commission for any order
  • 10% commission on all items, except Nike Shoes, which have 20% commission
  • 25% commission per order, but only when the agent places the order
  • 20% commission when agent places the order, 10% when the customer does
  • 50% commission when customer places the order, for only their first 5 orders
  • 50% commission on customer orders, in the first 100 days after registration
  • 2% commission on subagent sales, but only until they reach $100,000 sold
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    ✔ Special Integrations with B2BKing – Ultimate B2B & Wholesale Plugin

    • SalesKing is a standalone plugin. It does NOT need B2BKing to function.
    • The 2 are well-integrated, with additional functionality when used together.
    • The following features REQUIRE B2BKing also installed and active:

    • Organize customers into groups and assign groups to different agents
    • Different commission structures for B2BKing customer groups
    • Register to be a Sales Agent – Automatic or Manual Approval with Review
    • Support for custom configurable fields during registration
    • Manually approve, and assign customers to sales agents during approval
    • WebWizards Author Reviews – From Our Amazing Customers

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      Frequently Asked Questions – Pre Sales

      Does the license include lifetime updates?
      Yes! Lifetime updates are included. You pay once, the plugin is yours forever.

      Is there support if I run into any issue?
      Of course! We have a dedicated support center and we aim to respond to all tickets within 24 hours or less during business days. Our 5.0 star review average highlights our commitment to fast, actually helpful, in-depth support.

      We consider technical problems our responsibility. We address every single issue reported to us, and go in-depth to debug and troubleshoot problems, including testing directly in customers’ sites.

      Can I try SalesKing before purchase? Can I get a trial?
      Since this is a downloadable product you receive the full code for after purchase (unlike SaaS solutions), we can’t provide a trial. We do have a full live demo that you can test both backend and frontend.