Ripple LazyLoad Scrolling Effects WordPress Plugin


Ripple Lazyload Scrolling Effects WordPress Plugin is First ever made plugin for WordPress Lazy Load Scrolling effects. Till now these effects working only on html but we have now created 20+ Lazy load effects which makes your website more professional and graphically attractive.

What is Ripple Effects ?

Ripple Effects is a Lazy Load jQuery Plugin for Scrolling Effects which gives a graphical enhancement to your web page. This Lazyload Plugin have 20+ Effects with different motions in it.This is the First made plugin in wordpress of Lazyload Effects. Lazy Loading is the jQuery Scrolling effect which is used to show motions on Content. This Lazy load plugin is very simple to use, you have to just install this plugin and you can use it as any html tag.You can use Ripple Lazyload Scrolling Effects WordPress Plugin For PHP Codes too.

Where I Can Use Ripple Lazyload Scrolling Effects WordPress Plugin ?

  • You Can use these effects on any HTML tag.
  • You can use these effects on WordPress Editor / Post or Page.
  • You can use these effects on PHP File which is inside your theme.