Restocking Alerts for WooCommerce

The Restocking Alerts for WooCommerce plugin gives your customers the ability to subscribe to products that are out of stock. Then, once the item is replenished, they will receive an email notification letting them know it is back in stock! This feature can be used to help encourage additional sales and repeat visits to your shop.

This plugin works alongside your WooCommerce store and encorporates the settings directly into your WooCommerce settings. The familiar layout and easy to use options will make it simple to setup and use in your store. (Requires PHP4+)

Having trouble sending massive quantities of email?

Better integration with multiple systems is coming soon, however in the meantime it is recommended to use another third-party plugin to manage your SMTP connection. This will help you provide higher volumes of emails at once, something that shared hosting servers do not allow.

Key Features

Triggers When Editing

Works on all three methods of editing products: full edit, quick edit, and bulk editing.

Variation Support

Works with all types of products including the specific variation the customer is looking for.

Simple Form

Does not require much work on customer’s behalf, only needs a valid email address.

Email Templates

Uses built in WooCommerce email templates that can also be overwritten by a file in your theme.

Statistics Page

Simple bar graphs let you easily see what your most desired products are and how often customers signup.

Registration List

View all of the current resgistrations directly on the dashboard including whether or not they’ve been notified