Responsive Grid Shortcodes

Responsive Grid Shortcodes for WordPress

Version 1.2 is available now!

New features of version 1.2:

  • Added buttons on the editor bar in wordpress for quick addition of the grid shortcodes (no need to memorize the shortcodes anymore!
  • You also get the .ai files that I used for the button icons when you buy this plugin!
  • Functional fixes and improvements

This plugin provides a shortcode for you to implement a grid system layout without coding the grid in WordPress. The plugin adds the necessary markup and CSS to make the responsive grid in any page or post on your site.

This plugin was made to be the easiest plugin available to implement a grid into a page or post.

To use it, type [one_half]’whatever you want in that grid section’[/one_half], for the last grid element of that row you must use [one_half last=”yes”].

Grid shortcodes available:

  • full-width
  • one-half
  • one-third
  • two-thirds
  • one-fourth
  • three-fourths

New Features Added:

  • Added support for a new grid shortcode: Full Width.