Remote Content Extractor

Ever felt the need to allow other articles or links to be shared on your WordPress site the way you share links on FB? We have designed an intuitive way of sharing third party links with an image and an automatic excerpt where-ever you put the shortcode in. The posts will pick-up your site’s own CSS styling. Extracting remote content form other sites into your WordPress has never been easier.

For busy blog admins who has a lot in their plate can really utilize this to keep their users engaged to their sites by sharing other articles on the web right on their own site. There are shortcode options allowing to send the users either to the third party site or read within your blog. However you must give due credits to the original authors. These can be easily controlled via our comprehensive short code attributes which has been described in the documentation.


  • – Articles excerpts will share the same look and feel
  • – Share youtube videos
  • – Publish the external links to any post type on your site with or without the shortcode
  • – Link to visit original site (nofollowed)
  • – Google safe
  • – ShortCode with attributes
  • – Pagination
  • – Image thumbnail generation
  • – URL Special charactor filter
  • – Custom image and description
  • Share your world!