Progress Map WordPress Plugin

Progress Map is a wordpress plugin for location based listings. The aim is to help users having websites like hotel listings, real estate listings, restaurant listings, job listings, store listings & more… to list their locations on Google map and to easily navigate through the map using a carousel.

In other words, with Progress Map, your locations are going to be published on both Google map (as Markers) and on a carousel. The carousel will be connected to the map, which means that the selected item in the carousel will target its location on the map and vice versa.

To add your locations, Progress Map provides a form area in the “Add new post” page allowing you to – easily – add your location’s coordinates.

Progress Map comes with the Possibility to work with the default Post Types (Posts & Pages) as well as Custom Post Types. There’s no limit constraints on the number of Custom Post types to use. Just install the plugin, go to the plugin settings page, select the Post Type that you want to use with your map and you are ready to go.

Map Features

Very optimized and powerfull map ready to use for a large amount of markers. (Tested on 14000+ markers).
KML Layers. Possibility to display the KML layers. KML & KMZ files supported.
Polylines & Polygons. Possibility to create an unlimited number of Polylines & Polygons.
70+ Map Styles ready to use.
Possibility to add your custom Map Style.
Initial Map Style. Possibility to choose the initial style of the map. (Map, Satellite, Terrain, Hybrid or your Custom Style).
Custom markers. Add unlimited types of markers by setting a marker image for each category of locations.
Clustred Markers.
Possibility to display all (with no limit constraints) the locations having the same LatLng coordinates.
Autofit. Possibility to extend the map bounds to contain all markers & clusters & overlays.
Geo targeting. Possibility to determine the geolocation of a website visitor.
Set the map language.
Retina display for map markers & clusters.
Possibility to choose between 7 different and amazing infowindows.
Possibility to control and to costumize almost all the Google Map UI elements(zoom control, map type control etc …) from backend.
And MORE …

Features List

The Map is 100% customizable from the plugin settings page.
Add your posts LatLng coordinates from the “Add new post” page.
Possibility to add more than one location per post.
Possibility to connect the plugin with any Custom Post Type.
Put the carousel above, beneath, to the right, or the left of the map with one easy to set option
Responsive and Mobiles friendly.
Possibility to change the center point of the map
Clustered markers for a map with a large number of locations
Possibility to customize the (+/-) zoom controls.
Possibility to upload your custom markers.
Possibility to upload your custom clusters.
Various types of infowindows.
Possibility to show/hide the infowindows.
Possibility to control the Google Map UI elements from the plugin settings page.
Possibility to show/hide the carousel.
Carousel items fully resizable and fully customizable.
Images and Thumbs fully resizable.
A powerfull search form with possibility to select a distance of search & an option to draw a circle around the search area.
Possiblity to add unlimited distances, select a distance unit (Km & Miles), enable/disable the circle option & customize the circle style.
Possibility to change the map style. Includes 70+ wonderfull style that will give your map an amazing view.
Possibility to add a unique style by providing the Javascript style array.
Possibility to choose the Initial map style. (Map, Satellite, Terrain, Hybrid & Custom style)
Geo targetting. Possibility to geolocate the website visitor.
Retina display for map markers & clusters.
Loading bar & spinner indicating the loading process of the map.
Possibility to display multiple instances of the map.
Possibility to show/hide the carousel and faceted search for each instance of the map.
Possibility to override the default query settings for each instance of the map.
Possibility to add custom marker for each category of locations.
Possibility to filter locations by catgories, tags or custom taxonomy terms.
Possibility to filter locations by selecting one taxonomy terms or multiple taxonomy terms.
Show the number of your locations on top of the map with possibility to change the default clause text & style.
Possibility to display locations by categories, tags, custom fields, status and more…
Move the carousel using Touch Swipe.
Move the carousel using the scroll wheel.
Hide the carousel on Mobiles.
And MORE …