Product Search for WooCommerce

Power of AI in product search – Help your customers effortlessly find what they love in your WooCommerce shop. Enhance user experience, improve search accuracy, and drive more sales.

  • One-time fee (1 license = 1 domain)
  • Easy installation: Get up and running quickly to enhance your WooCommerce store.
  • Add your search suggestions: Personalize the search experience to your unique products and offerings.
  • Simple analytics: Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and search trends.
  • OpenAI integration: Harness the power of OpenAI to deliver accurate and intelligent search results.
  • No extra fee from us — OpenAI billed separately for AI searches.
  • WPML and Polylang support
  • Tested with PHP 7.4 and 8.2


  • PHP 7.4 or newer
  • WordPress 6.3 or newer

Pricing and Billing

No extra charges from us — OpenAI billed separately: Transparent pricing with no hidden costs. You only pay for what you use.

Let’s explore the plugin features:

Product Search for WooCommerce - 1

Product Search for WooCommerce - 2

Product Search for WooCommerce - 3

Product Search for WooCommerce - 4

Product Search for WooCommerce - 5

Product Search for WooCommerce - 6

Product Search for WooCommerce - 7

Product Search for WooCommerce - 8

Question & Answers

Q: How do I install the Product Search plugin?

A: Installing the Product Search plugin is as simple as adding any other WordPress plugin to your site.

Q: What search options does the plugin offer?

A: Upon installation, the plugin provides a default “classic search” feature. Once connected to OpenAI, users can opt for AI-only search or a hybrid search mode, combining classic and AI results with AI-highlighted suggestions.

Q: How do I integrate the plugin with OpenAI?

A: To integrate with OpenAI, simply connect the plugin to your OpenAI account using your API key. The plugin handles the creation of OpenAI assistants, syncs products with the assistant, and alerts you when synchronization is needed. You can manually initiate a sync by clicking the “Sync now” button.

Q: Which OpenAI models does the plugin use?

A: The plugin utilizes OpenAI assistants with supported models such as get-3.5-turbo-1106 and gpt-4-1106-preview.

Q: How can I display the search widget on my WordPress site?

A: You can easily add the search widget to your WordPress site using three methods: WordPress Blocks (Gutenberg), shortcode integration, or a simple JavaScript snippet.

That’s it! With just a few simple steps, enhance your WooCommerce store’s search functionality and provide users with accurate and intelligent search results.