Product Options for WooCommerce

Order/Product Option Features

These are features that all product options have.


Shop/Search/Category Pages
Choose whether to add product options to pages that list products (e.g. shop pages, product search pages or product category pages).
Product Option Groups
Create groups of options and add these to all products, selected product categories or products selected by a custom query. You add a title and draw a border around a product option group.
Product Pages
Drag and drop options onto individual products.
Order Option Groups
Add groups of options to different positions on the the cart and checkout pages.
Flexible accordions allow you to leave one or multiple options open at a time and to choose which options are in the accordion.
Show/Hide Prices
You can show/hide the price of an option in the option title so that the customer can see the price just above the option. Options do not have to have prices.
Option Titles
Add titles to your options.
Option Labels
Add a label to your option to explain what the option is.
Label After/Units
Add a label after your option which can be used to add units to number options or to put the label after a checkbox option.
Default Values
You can choose whether to add default values to an option.
Required Options
Options can be required so that the customer must enter a value or check a box to add a product to the cart or submit an order.