Product Condition For WooCommerce Plugin

Empower Your Sales with Product Condition For WooCommerce Plugin

The “WooCommerce Product Condition” plugin enhances your WooCommerce store by allowing you to display the condition of products prominently. Whether your products are brand new, refurbished, or used, this plugin enables you to clearly communicate their condition to your customers, helping them make informed purchasing decisions.

Product Condition For WooCommerce Plugin - 1


  • Add default product condition on all your store’s product
  • Add product condition on individual product
  • Override default product condition and add current condition for specific product
  • Set product condition for multiple products
  • Allow customers to easily find products based on their preferred condition
  • Inform Google through schema markup
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Rich Snippet Plugin

Set Condition for Individual Products

Product Condition For WooCommerce Plugin - 2Set unique conditions for each product from the backend, providing granular control over your inventory.
This feature enables you to offer products of varying conditions, such as new, used, or refurbished, all within the same store environment.

Condition Display on Product and Shop Pages

Product Condition For WooCommerce Plugin - 3Showcase product conditions prominently on both individual product pages and shop/category pages, ensuring customers are informed about the condition of each item before making a purchase