PMPro Community – Restrict Access To BuddyPress/BuddyBoss Features

Restrict access to community features for Paid Membership Pro membership levels.

This plugin requires Paid Membership Pro (free plugin). It adds the ability to restrict access to pages and features for the following plugins: BuddyPress, BuddyBoss, Youzify, rtMedia and bbPress.

Ideal for any membership/community businesses such as course, elearning, dating, private communities etc.

The plugin comes with the following features:

Member/Profile Restrictions

  • Restrict access to Members Directory
  • Restrict access to profile pages
  • Hide users from specific membership levels on Directory page
  • Show membership level in profile header
  • Prevent members from sending friend requests
  • Prevent members from sending public and private messages
  • Added “Membership” tab to BuddyPress profile pages with membership details
  • Show different profile fields for different membership levels
  • Sync data between BuddyPress and PMPro profile fields

Group Restrictions

  • Restrict access to Groups Directory
  • Restrict access to specific groups
  • Automatically assign members to specific groups
  • Automatically invite members to specific groups
  • Prevent members from creating groups

Media Restrictions (BuddyBoss and rtMedia)

  • Restrict ability for members to upload media

Forum Restrictions (bbPress)

  • Show membership level in forum topic/replies

Other Features

  • Redirect users from restricted pages to specific page (such as a sign up or membership levels page)
  • Restrict access to Activity page
  • Set default membership level upon registration
  • Set default registration page from BuddyPress to PMPro levels or checkout page
  • Added membership level selection field to PMPro checkout page (useful if using the checkout page as your registration page)