PC to Mobile Via QR Code

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Have you ever faced the situation where you found some really interesting content on the Internet, and wanted to share it quickly with your friends? But then you were unable to do so because you didn’t want to type in the huge web URL. Well, you are not alone. This is one situation which has probably been faced by a lot of people who access the web from multiple devices.

Indeed, there is a strong chance that your own website has lost potential customers/readers because of the fact that the people consuming your content were unable to spread it any further. Well, Makewebbetter has come up with an innovative solution to the problem that will allow users to share absolutely any content on your website with everyone else, using the QR code feature.


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Key features

  • QR Code generator into any blog post, product and page.
  • User friendly interface to create QR Code.
  • Widget support to display a QR code linking to the current page.
  • New shortcode enabling the display into any post, product and page of a QR code of the link to the current page.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Fast Generate.

Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.0 or greater.
  • WooCommerce 2.6.0 or greater.
  • PHP version 5.5.5 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater.

Translation Ready

.po and .mo files included, for easy translation

Thank-you for your interest in PC to Mobile via QR Code, Makewebbetter.

Our Request

We do our best to ensure that our clients receive the utmost satisfaction in return for their patronage. And we are willing to go to great lengths to answer queries, modify products and so on, for our clients.

Please feel free to ask any pre-sale questions. Take your time before the purchase and confirm everything including compatibility, usability and so on by engaging in conversation with our ever ready support team, before making the purchase. Do not ask for refund if you are expecting any feature not mentioned on product page or not confirmed by our support team in pre-sale conversation, as it will demotivate us despite of all our hard work and help.


03.10.2017 - ver 1.0.0

   - Initial Release