PayPal Offline Payment for WooCommerce

About PayPal Offline Payment for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an awesome plugin for eCommerce solution. Though it has many functionality but it also has certain limitations; for some special reason/cases a bit addition is needed in WooCommerce to make it works even better. PayPal Offline Payment for WooCommerce is one of the plugin that will help you to get PayPal payment through WooCommerce in a customized manner.


  • Who are using WooCommerce to sell products or services they might have several PayPal account or don’t have a merchant account to receive payments.
  • In default installation of WooCommerce, one cannot use multiple PayPal account for separate product or services.


  • The plugin PayPal Offline Payment for WooCommerce automatically displays a separate payment option, which is used to send PayPal payment instruction to a customer’s inbox within the default invoice created by WooCommerce.
  • A store owner or a service provider can change the PayPal email address any time, including payment instruction or any special instruction to receive payment in desired PayPal account.


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