Convert any currency to allowed PayPal currencies for PayPal’s Payment Gateway within WooCommerce


  • Since version 1.8: PayPal Advanced as payment gateway supported…though needs some minor adjustment in PayPal Advanced plugin. New currency exchange rate provider and added. New elements for payment description established (legacy way is still available). Sample payment description content: Cart Total: <span class="ppcc_cart_total" /> Cart Tax: <span class="ppcc_cart_tax" /> Shipping Total: <span class="ppcc_shipping_total" /> Shipping Tax Total: <span class="ppcc_shipping_tax_total" /> Order Total exclusive Tax: <span class="ppcc_total_order_exc_tax" /> Order Total Tax: <span class="ppcc_tax_total" /> Order Total inclusive Tax: <span class="ppcc_total_order_inc_tax" /> Conversion Rate: <span class="ppcc_cr" />
  • Since version 1.7 a new exchange rate provider (National Bank of Romania) is added especially for RON.
  • Since version 1.6 you may use span tags with specific ids to pull the total, the tax, and the conversion rate inside a supported payment gateway description. Example Description: Order Total <strong> <span id="ppcc_total" /> (Includes <span id="ppcc_tax" /> Tax)</strong> (Currency conversion rate = <span id="ppcc_cr" />)
  • Since version 1.5 PayPal Currency Converter Pro for WooCommerce also supportsPayPal Digital Goods gateway. Ask me for a quote to help with the set up of your PayPal Digital Goods gateway.


  • Convert any given WooCommerce shop currency to allowed PayPal currencies for PayPal’s Payment Gateway within WooCommerce on checkout.
  • Supports upcoming and customized version of PayPal Digital Goods gateway
  • Supports customized version of PayPal Advanced.
  • Supports customized version of Social Deals Engine
  • Converts Shopping cart total.
  • Converts Tax
  • Converts shipping costs
  • Custom Currency
  • Show the Cart Total, Cart Tax, Shipping Total, Shipping Tax Total, Order Total exclusive Tax, Order Total Tax, Order Total inclusive Tax, and Conversion Rate in PayPal related payment gateways descriptions
  • Automatically update the currency exchange rate between your shop currency and the desired PayPal currency with WP-crontrol (or any other cron plugin), your hosting servers cron job, or a 3rd party cron job service.
  • Actual Currency Exchange Rates will be retrieved from “Open Exchange Rates API”, YAHOO Finance, or European Central Bank.
  • Google’s exchange rates history chart of the last 5 years.
  • Have your virtual product orders automatically completed after checkout!
  • Have your non virtual product orders automatically processed after checkout!
  • Sends notification email to the admin’s email address when the exchange rate has been updated.
  • Logs the actions into a log file.
  • Tool-tip help on every item.
  • Translation Ready
  • Easy to Setup
  • Gives warning for unsupported php.ini settings.
  • Detailed Documentation Included