Page-Links Plus

It solves four important challenges:

  • First, it adds a “view as single page” option to WordPress page lists. (Natively, WordPress page lists do not include this option.)
  • Second, it helps non-developers style page lists and manage pagination parameters (eg.,
  • Third, it automates the process of creating page breaks. (Without PLP, users must manually enter <! nextpage > tags wherever they want page breaks to appear.)
  • Fourth, PLP helps users create and manage custom-length scrolling page lists. For example, if a page list is very long, it might break into multiple lines. Using PLP, a content creator can make sure his/her page lists always fit neatly within the width of his/her content block.
  • “Single Page” Option
  • Style Page Lists
  • Manage Parameters, HTML elements, CSS classes and ID’s
  • Automate page breaks by number of paragraphs, words, or pages
  • Customize scrolling page lists
  • Ajax pagination option