Modern Video Reel

Modern Video Reel is a extremely attractive reel creator that supports video, audio and images in a vertical Reel style design.

Create stunning multimedia reels easily, using WordPress plugin backend editor.

Auto scroll functionality enables automatic advance through the reel.

CSS Snap layout and custom swipe implementation enable both vertical and horizontal scrolling inside the reel.

Lazy loading ensures fast page load and additional loading of new media inside the reels using scroll and other methods.

Reel supports standard video, audio and images, plus Youtube and Vimeo sources (playlists, channel and other sources).

Compatible with Modern Video Player playlists that you have already created inside Modern Video Player WordPress plugin.

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This is WordPress plugin

Using this plugin requires registration to domain. Instructions how to register are available here

Some videos in demo do not have sound

Updates / Changelog

VERSION 1.0 [13.5.2024]

 - first release

keywords: reel, video reel, wall, showreel, sizzle, demo reel, youtube, vimeo, scrolling video, vertical video