Modern Audio Player Schedule AddOn

This addOn requires <a href=”
” target=”_blank”>Audio player for WordPress to be installed first!

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Using Schedule addOn for Modern Audio Player For WordPress you can schedule any content to play on daily or weekly basis with predefined times during the day. Schedule can be applied to main player and to sticky player as well.

Features and options:

  • Schedule content to play daily, weekly and choose time frames
  • Play any previously created playlist as schedule in the player
  • Schedule multiple content per timeframes (aka multiple playlists / shows / podcasts)
  • Player auto shows when schedule is active and hides when out of schedule
  • Attach schedule to any player
  • Schedule main player and / or sticky player to be shown individually or together on schedule
  • Full admin schedule generator in calendar
  • Display week schedule calendar on frontpage with shortcode [apmap_schedule_table player_id=”X” view=”week”] (optional)
  • Desktop and mobile (compact) calendar version included suitable for small screens

Updates / Changelog

VERSION 1.0 [26.12.2023]

 - first release