Modern Audio Player Comments AddOn

This addOn requires <a href=”
” target=”_blank”>Audio player for WordPress to be installed first!

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Using Comments addOn for Modern Audio Player For WordPress users can add comments to songs and admin can view detailed comments statistics in the backend.

Features and options:

  • Display song comments below the seekbar (or elsewhere in the player if you move the comments div holder)
  • Enable users to add comments to songs
  • Comments can be enabled for both registered and unregistered users or individually
  • Disable comments for unregistered users
  • Disable comments for specific user roles
  • Redirect to login screen or custom url when user without comment priviledge tries to add comment
  • Optional custom button in player to show / hide comments
  • Optional custom button in player to display all song comments in popup element
  • Optional disable comments on mobile
  • Full comments statistics in WordPress (most commented songs, users who posted the most comments etc)

Note that comment functionality is not available in all player skins (for example skin with circle seekbar or some small skins not containing seekbar).

Updates / Changelog

VERSION 1.0 [22.2.2024]

 - first release

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