Mobile Detect-Redirect Plugin With Cookies

Mobile Detect-Redirect WordPress Plugin With Cookies

A simple WordPress plugin that does exactly what it’s supposed to:

  • it detects mobile devices
  • it redirects visitors to a mobile website (or, allows them to choose if they want to be redirected or not)

Main Features

  • can be installed just like any other plugin
  • uses the default WordPress settings API to handle all options
  • all texts shown in the redirect window can be translated (changed) from the options page in the admin panel (no code editing required)
  • you can choose between redirecting the users without their confirmation and allowing them to choose if they will be redirected
  • uses cookies to remember the user’s choice (if the user wants his choice to be remembered) for a certain number of days. The number of days can be changed from the options page
  • you can extend the list of devices directly from the options page
  • you can add custom CSS rules to further customize the redirect window directly in the options page
  • requires jQuery to work

Options Page: