Menufication Extra Content

Say Hi to Menufication Extra Content 1.0

Menufication Extra Content creates a beautiful off-canvas content area where you can place any content you like. With a wysiwyg and CSS or SCSS-styling you can place anything from images to shortcodes and style it beautifully. This plugin has been optimized for mobile devices and utilizes CSS3-transforms when possible to perform like native applications.


  • Add any content you’d like to an off-canvas content area
  • Fully Responsive
  • Utilizes CSS3-tranforms for optimal and native-like performance.
  • Theming. Choose from two beautiful themes, a light and a dark theme.
  • Slide in from the right or left, it’s up to you!
  • Option to only generate the menu on predefined browser sizes.
  • Several options to customize the behaviour of the content area.
  • Only dependency is jQuery.